Dagmar Bosselmann, manages the european agency of “Takamise Tours and Safaris” – named “Takamise Tours and Safaris Europe” in Germany. She was born in Munich and came in first contact with Africa in her childhood 1979 on a trip in Senegal with her parents. Further on in 1983 and 1985 on tours in Kenia.

From that time on she was infected by the in Europe common named “Africa-Virus” meaning loving the african cultures, the people, the way of life and naturally the different nature and landscapes of this continents.

In her education and practical years being a teacher in mathematics and physics at a secondary school her passion for Africa fell behind and was like buried in the stress and hectic pace of european life.

It takes a long time coming back to Africa again. Discovering Namibia in 2007 was the key to get the feeling of Africa in common and Namibia in special back in her heart and remaining there forever. Recovering that spirit was one of the greatest emotions she ever felt.

Since then she visited Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe in more than 20 private self driven journeys – mainly to learn more about this countries, their hidden treasures and places, the behaviour of the people and testing accomodations.

Her goal is to hand on this experiences and her passion to the guests of “Takamise Tours and Safaris” at the creation of tailor-made tours and also in advice and service.

Der Wächter - wir passen auf sie auf, während Sie in Afrika reisen

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